Rutland Area Disaster Animal Response Team -  About Us
Our Organization
RADART is a 501C3 organization dedicated to providing the community with an effective and efficient emergency management operation for animals that protect human and animal life and assists in post disaster and recovery.

The objectives of RADART are to:

   *  provide a field locatable emergency mangement operation.
   *  assist in the recovery and care of animal in time of disaster.
   *  re-unite displaced animals with their owner following a
   *  educate the public about disaster preparedness
      procedures for their animals.

It is our goal to assist in disasters by coordinating the evacuation and transportation of pets, providing safe shelters and establishing a system by which to track and reunite pets with their owners.

Meeting News
Pet First-Aid and Pet CPR classes are among the courses RADART can provide to community groups.  RADART members are required to attend these courses along with human CPR and First Aid. In house RADART members are certified instructors.  Members are also trained to aid and care for specific animals,  Recent classes included LLAMA, Alpaca and Raptile handling.
The next meeting will be held on June 26, 2018, 7PM 

110 Marble St.
West Rutland,
VT 05777.
Other Functions
RADART frequently attends pet related community events such as Dog Diving Day and oprn house at local animal shelters. We also can assist local government in emergency planning for animals. 

RADART has also donated pet oxygen masks to all Rutland County fire departments and provided training to those requesting it.