Who We Are:

First, may we thank you for looking at our web site. We the officers and members hope you will find it both enjoying and interesting.

The Northeast FM Repeater Association is a small, nonprofit amateur radio club primarily dedicated to the operation of frequency modulated (FM) repeater stations operating in the two-meter (VHF) and seventy centimeter (UHF) amateur radio bands. Basically, we are what is left of the original N.E.F.M.R.A. that came into being in the early 1960's. (See History) As per club bylaws, meetings are held annually in either October or November, usually in the central Vermont area. At present, there are approximately thirty club members.

The club is devoted to the operation of FM repeater stations operating in the VHF and UHF portions of the amateur bands. The club's objective is to continue to provide a wide area of coverage to those amateurs who use the various systems on a day-to-day basis and, of course, for those who may just be traveling through the area. Another objective of the club is to promote the usage of frequencies in the UHF portion of the band. To accomplished this objective, we have endeavored to add new UHF sites where feasible and then link them together. Also, of great importance is the ability to supply reliable emergency communication whether it be assisting a disabled motorist or providing redundant communications whenever a major emergency situations may arise in the area. Vermont Emergency Management is a constant user of this system.

The club at one time hosted two nets which operated on the Killington VHF system. One such net, which starrted operation in 1994 is a YL net geared toward helping women learn about various aspects of amateur radio. This net operates every Sunday evening at 1900 hours. A second net, which started in 2000, was a traffic-handling net. This net operated evenings at 2100 hours.

(Update 12/04) After ten years of operation, the folks involved with hosting these nets decided to discontinue their operation. These net were enjoyed by many and are missed by all.

Presently, the club owns, or is affiliated with, eight repeater systems in Vermont and New York. If you are interested in joining the club, click here (JOIN UP). Thank you for visiting our web page.

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