WB2ERS - Mount Morris, New York:

Mount Morris is located in the Adirondack Park area of New York State about six miles south of Tupper Lake. A three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view is provided from the summit of this 3,163-foot mountain. The site is a privately-owned, commercial communications site hosting a variety of two-way radio, paging, cellular telephone, FM broadcast and television relay equipment. Included in this complement of equipment at this site are two amateur repeater systems. A VHF repeater that operates on 147.330/147.930 and a UHF repeater operating on 444.700/449.700. A 100 hertz tone-coded squelch tone is needed to access either of these two repeaters. The UHF repeater is linked to the Mt. Killington system in Vermont. This link is part of the original linking system that started in Long Island back in the 1980s. Because of the rugged terrain found in and around this area, reliable communications coverage from this mountain is about a thirty-mile, plus or minus radius. Greater coverage can be expected in some directions, depending on the location of the station attempting to access either of these repeaters.

(Up dated, 10/05) The UHF system is presently off the air. The equipment, which had been located in the cab of the fire tower, suffered water damage when a window blew out of the cab. An equipment up date and reinstallation is presently in the works. The original call sign that had been in use for this station was NR2V. It will been changed to the call shown above.

(Up dated 10/13) Mid summer there came about a renewed interest in putting these stations back on the air. Two Motorola MSF-5000 stations, one VHF and a UHF, are planned for use at this site.

Located at this site is the first forest fire lookout tower ever built in the state of New York. The original amateur station was located in the cab.
In this picture you can see some of the other antennas located at his site.



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