WA2DDT - New York, New York:

The repeater associated with this call may well be one of the earliest repeater systems established by NFMRA in the early days of Amateur repeaters and the reason for its being mentioned here. Originally it was located in Brooklyn at a site on Willoughby Street. This fact is confirmed by paper work that was found in some old NFMRA files. The equipment used was a G.E. Progress Line with the transmitter operated at 250 watts. In 1988 the station was moved to the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan. The antenna was a simple mobile whip which was attached to the building in the area above the observation deck. Later in life is was moved to a location on Pearl Street in down town Manhattan. At his point in time the equipment used for the repeater was a Motorola mobile unit. With communications sites and antenna locations at a premium in New York City, this repeater eventually succumbed to other systems having greater priority and is no longer in operation.

(Updated 9/03) During the summer of 2003 this repeater was again put back in service thanks greatly to the efforts of W2CYA. Still located in down town Manhattan this system now makes use of Motorola MSF-5000 station for the main repeater. Operating frequencies are as before 444.550 / 449.550 with a CTCSS frequency of 114.8 required for access. An 8 Db gain antenna located at the top of the building is feed with LMR-1200 cable. Certain restrictions require that the repeater be turned of at times so if one finds the system inoperable, this may be the reason why.

(Updated 12/09) This station is presently off the air. The building within which this station was located was sold which nictitated the removal of the repeater plus the truste was not interested in continuing this position. Plans are in the works to have this repeater back in service within the area of Manhattan some time in the future.

(Update 09/09) A fellow amateur has come forward who is planning to put this system back in service in lower Manhattan. The station call, WA2YUP, that was in use will not be used again. This call was used to make a call letter change for use else where.

(11/2012) Unfortunately, enthusiasm to re-establish this station has not happened as yet.

(10/2013) Interest in re-establish this station is on the horizon.



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