Green Mountain Wireless Society
Celebrating our 28th Anniversary
Club Call Signs: W1GMW -- WG1Q

Compiled by Jeff Freeman N1YTY

Clear 2008 evidence shows a difficult Field Day with heavy rain and construction of the new Rutland
High School synthetic football field in progress. There were a few more trees in certain places then for antennae.
There was no metal fence. So many of our GMWS special people were there. Hams are adaptable.
One comment was how about trying new things and doing Field Day like we wanted to win.
Pres. John N1HLG-SK spoke of a citywide power outage that required repossession by the Rutland Fire Department of their
big generator on loan to us. That had to happen some time. John thanked all who kept us on the air during nearly all of the time.

Pres. John noted Janet KB1DSR then and now finding ways to check on, account for, and get each of the bonuses with added
points. Each one is useful to ham radio. It was and still is careful attention to detail in action.
Writing this on set-up day 2018 has wit it the hope that new people will step up and do things for their first times. An example
might be to learn to bring certain tools we always seem to need and used to rely on others to provide.

GMWS ARES Monday Night Net Control Schedule

The GMWS ARES Net is held Monday evenings starting at 7:30 PM on the 147.045 repeater (+/- 600kHz, PL=100Hz). The net presents a unique learning opportunity for area amateurs, as well as a forum for exchanging the latest amateur news. Please check in each week and join this worthwhile net. If you're just visiting the area, please feel free to join us...

Note that some nets are training nets, where local and visiting amateurs can learn the latest emergency handling techniques, as well as helpful operating tips for their home and mobile station. Other nets are "rag chew," and topics can cover the broad range of interest from those who participate.
16 Jul 18 Forest N1BBQ RC
23 Jul 18 Scott W1SBW Training
30 Jul 18 Steve W1SFR RC
06 Aug 18 Zak K1ZK Training
13 Aug 18 Calvin W1CLG RC
20 Aug 18 Ann Mary AB1CH Training
27 Aug 18 Ben HC1HHE RC
03 Sep 18 Forest N1BBQ Training
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Click Net Control Proceedure to download the latest GMWS/ARES District 6 NCS operating instructions.

PREZ SEZ for July, 2018

- Thanks everyone for helping make this year's field day a success! There are already plans in the works to make
next year even better! If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or critiques bring them to the next meeting! Field
Day is a lot of work and it is great to see so many people pitching in and working together. GMWS is a strong
club made all the better through the wide variety of interests enjoyed by our membership.
- The antenna building project at Field Day did not go exactly as planned. Even with the little setbacks, we successfully demonstrated
making the antenna and we will be leading folks in building their own at a future meeting. There were some parts that did
not fit as well as they should and a few more elements need drilling and taping.
-The good news is that we will finish the project later this summer at one of our club meetings. I will let you know when we will get
together and finish them. Details will be coming soon!
- In other news I finally had a chance to get an HF antenna, that works on something other than 40m, up at my house . I've been
mostly making FT8 contacts, but working on other stuff as well.
- In closing I would like to let you know that some of us are kicking around ideas of having a little contest or incentive item for
checking into the Monday night nets, so keep an eye out (and an ear on 147.045 (-100) for that as well.
Plans are moving along for the fixing up of our repeater site and many skill-sets and hands will be needed for that as well.

Forest Immel

 MEETING MINUTES for June, 2018

Green Mountain Wireless Society
Regular meeting minutes 11-June-2018
Rutland Police Community Room 108 Wales St.
Meeting called to order at 19:04 with 21 members present. Pledge of allegiance and introductions around the room.
Motion to approve minutes as printed in Key Klicks. Moved and seconded, Approved.
Secretary Report Caid W1CX: No report; Treasurer Report Rick N1UF: We are solvent; Vice President Report Sam W1IBR: No report; President Report Forest N1BBQ: See new business.
-There is a new list of net control Op's available on the website and will be published in Key Klicks. The question was brought
up if we are/should be sending the net reports to Janet KB1DSR still.
Field Day!
The list was gone over and everything looks good and is covered. A reminder to everyone to not forget bug spray, flashlights and
lanterns was mentioned. Elected official from Middletown? Station signup sheets will be available for anyone that would like to
operate a specific station at a specific time. The ARRL field day message sheet with times and frequencies were passed out and Janet KB1DSR asked as many people as possible to copy the message. Caid W1CX will stop and get tables and chairs and Janet KB1DSR will put up the signs at the field day site. Any visitors that show up we should try to get photos and have them sign the guest book. Also in the GOTA station there will be first contact awards to fill out and a box of goodies to give away. The VE session will be on Saturday at 10-AM for anyone looking to upgrade or anyone that wants to take the technician exam. Lunch before field day set up on Friday at Applebee’s this year. We will meet there at noon. Rich WB2RUM gave a demo of his logging program we will use again this year at field day. He will go back over everything for everyone again on Saturday around 1pm. We will again this year be using the call sign N1VT and the 4A VT exchange.
-Forest N1BBQ will be taking a trip up to CVARC’s field day Saturday PM or Sunday AM. The repeater site owners are ok
with us doing upgrades to the shack. We will get a work party together at a later date and decide what we are going to do for upgrades
and when we are going to do them. Meeting adjourned @ 20:15

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